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UTILE includes local parties affected by the project – students, educational institutions, municipalities, and social and economic actors – to ensure a development of an umbrella of services that correspond to the needs presented by the student community. The organization recognizes the important need for social housing, however, vows not to turn to existing pockets of non-student populations to finance its projects.

UTILE aims to foster a co-developmental approach, i.e., to collaborate with local groups (mainly students and communities) in all of the stages of their development.

UTILE's development model offers an opportunity for post-secondary institutions and for the state to avoid certain inherent risks related to building development. UTILE is namely inspired by living coops in Quebec, but distinguishes itself in the following ways:

A solidarity cooperative structure that compensates student turnover and promotes attachment to the project through the presence of support staff;
The development of Accès-Logis, an out-of-program initiative from the Société d'habitation du Québec (SHQ)